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Saturday 10:00 am - 8:00 pm(Open irregularly on Sundays and Holidays))

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Weekdays 11:00 am - 10:00 pm
Saturday 10:00 am - 8:00 pm(Open irregularly on Sundays and Holidays))


Kozy Specialty Wax Treatments

What is Wax Hair Removal?

Waxing is a popular hair removal method internationally for years. Only recently has Waxing become mainstream in Japan. In the United States, the most popular method of hair removal for sensitive areas is waxing. For these sensitive areas there are regions we call V, I, and O. All together is commonly known as a Brazilian waxing. This method of removal neatly applying the waxing agent made from honey etc. to the desired hair removal areas and then quickly peeling of the wax, leaving the skin smooth and hair free. In order to remove hair in a safe manner, it is important to choose a salon rich in experience and knowledge of the aesthetician. At Kozy our aesthetician has a California license for waxing and has received high evaluation from the international client who understand what proper waxing treatment methods should look like.

Our Wax Hair Removal

  • 天然由来へのこだわり

    We only use wax with natural ingredient

    We only use wax with natural ingredient that are gentle on your skin and will leave your skin smooth without redness and pain.

  • ワックスの使い分け

    Different wax types

    Different wax types are strategically used in different areas of the body after evaluating your hair type and thickness of each area.

  • 徹底した衛生管理

    We always keep a clean and safe treatment area

    We always keep a clean and safe treatment area by disinfecting surfaces and tools before and after each treatment. Waxing tools are never “double dipped” in our natural waxes to ensure proper hygiene. After the treatment, a cream with a sedative effect is applied to the treatment site your skin to reduce any discomfort.

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Waxing Benefits

  • Smooth hair free skin after only one treatment.
  • Your hair will grow back smoothly without becoming itchy common to razor burn.
  • Able to smoothly remove stubborn and thick hair from the root allowing the hair to grow back correctly.。
  • Reduce discomfort and unwanted smells during your menstrual period.。
  • Old keratin is removed leaving the skin tone brighter.
  • Your Bikini line can be designed any way you wish fit any occasion.

Waxing Disadvantages

  • It's not permanent.。
  • It is necessary to wax again if you wish to maintain a hair free lifestyle.
  • There is some temporary pain and discomfort, but the more you wax the area the discomfort becomes less and less over time.
  • Requires a minimum length of about 7mm. If the hair is too short, the wax will be ineffective in removal.
  • There is a risk of ingrown hairs occurring depending on the individual and hair growth types.

Pre-waxing ConditionsPlease check the below conditions before making an appointment.

  • Refrain from self-treatments such as razor shavings and other hair removal four weeks prior to the reservation date.
  • At least 7mm or more is required for treatment. If it is too short, we will have to postpone the treatment until the hair has grown back.
  • Shower is fine but do not take a bath in the bathtub on the day of your appointment. Also refrain from swimming, tanning, going to the gym or heavy cardio.
  • It is recommended to wear loose fitting clothes after to avoid applying pressure to the treated areas.
  • We unfortunately are unable to treat those who have been diagnosed with skin disease or have other medical conditions and those whom are taking prescribed drugs.
  • Treatment is possible if you use the tampon even during menstruation. However, there are cases where one may feel redness and pain more than usual during this delicate delicate time.

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Weekdays 11:00 am - 10:00 pm
Saturday 10:00 am - 8:00 pm(Open irregularly on Sundays and Holidays)

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